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Institute of Automatic Control

Institute of Automatic Control is one of the largest institutes of the Faculty of Electrical, Electronic, Computer and Control Engineering of Lodz University of Technology. Institute full-time staff includes: five professors, two assistant professors, nineteen doctors and over twenty engineers. The staff of the Institute are tutors of eleven doctoral students.

The Institute comprises of four departments:

Based on our experience and research facilities we offer:

  • educational services – staff training, postgraduate studies, specialized courses,
  • design services,
  • cooperation in the implementation of new technologies,
  • research using of our equipment.

90-537 Łódź, ul. B. Stefanowskiego 18

tel. (+48) 42 631 2560, (+48) 42 631 2547
fax. (+48) 42 631 2551
e-mail: w2i21@adm.p.lodz.pl
www: automatyka.p.lodz.pl

date of actualization: 2022.04.09